Cabinetry Painting

The first step to painting cabinets is to have our expert team examine your cabinets to determine the best approach. Wood, wood veneer, and metal cabinets can be painted easily, while laminate and melamine require special preparation before painting. Our painting process typically involves the following steps:

🔺 Removing cabinet hardware – . Most homeowners replace cabinet hardware when they paint or stain their cabinets. You can keep your existing hardware, and we will store it carefully and securely with all fasteners.

🔺 Cleaning – With a special solution, our team will thoroughly clean your cabinets before painting.

🔺 Sanding – Cabinets will be sanded with fine-grit sandpaper once they have dried completely. All sanding dust will be removed.

🔺 Taping and protecting – We will tape off all surfaces that won't be painted and install drop cloths around the entire kitchen.

🔺 Priming – We at Ptkitchens don't paint without priming first! The primer ensures color accuracy, paint adhesion, and a lasting finish.

🔺 Painting – We will paint the first coat and let it dry.

🔺 Second sanding – The painted surfaces will be lightly sanded if necessary.

🔺 Second-coat painting – An additional coat of paint will be applied.

🔺 Installing of hardware – After the paint has dried completely, your new hardware or existing hardware will be installed.

When it’s time to paint your kitchen cabinets—or any cabinets in your home—a makeover, call PtKitchens. We provide free estimates for cabinet painting and finishing. Call PtKitchen today at (727) 771-7173 or request a free estimate online.