Countertop Installation

In the heart of your home, a free-standing kitchen bench, or Countertop, can act as a centralized meeting place for your family. Our team will help you choose the best kitchen benchtop that fits your area, size, flow, and aesthetic. We will also install the kitchen benchtops for you.

The countertop that Stands Out From Others:

We make your benchtop the centerpiece of your kitchen, so it stands out and makes it look luxurious. Our experienced consultants come over to your space to measure the benchtop and discuss options with you. With us, you can choose to go as affordable or as luxurious as you wish. With our range of affordable stone benchtops, you have some of the best options available, without compromising on the quality of the stone or the installation. We have granite, marble, and quartz to make your countertop beautiful.

A stone mason can perform intricate work when it comes to installation. Stones are cut to the perfect size and shape according to your specifications. When we install your countertop stones, we use only the best glue available to ensure they are durable and reliable.


Are you looking for premium quality countertops for your kitchen? Ptkitchens is a leading company that installs an extensive range of kitchen benchtops at affordable prices.

We can provide you with a free quote if you browse the range. If you want a stylish, durable, and affordable benchtop that suits your style and your budget, we can help you achieve your dream kitchen. Call PtKitchen today at (727) 771-7173 or request a free estimate for Countertop Installation in Palm Harbor.