Ptkitchens specializes not only in kitchen design but also in cabinet making that transforms the spaces where we spend more time. We have a team of designers who can guide you through selecting cabinets for your home and office-based on taste as well as what will work best with other features such-as paint colors or stain options! With so many choices available - from wood stains like Vintage Ivy to elegant black finish hardware-- each one adds something different towards creating an overall aesthetic look.

We here at PtKitchens of Palm Harbor, FL keep an eye on the latest design trends in custom kitchen cabinets so that we can provide you with the most current styles, finishes, and wood species. To stay up to date, we read design magazines and various other publications, which not only prepare us for cutting-edge trends but also allow us to anticipate upcoming ones.

The flexibility of custom kitchen cabinets allows you to maximize your space and ensure optimal storage. Recycling centers, blender cabinets, or integrated spice racks are just a few of the endless combinations available. Custom kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen and provide you with a unique look and style that complements your home. With custom kitchen cabinets installed by a team lead by one of our experienced project managers, you can achieve the look and style you want in your kitchen. PTkitchens builds each cabinet according to your specifications. In our workroom, we make all custom kitchen cabinets. Our local resources ensure your cabinets will be ready in a fraction of the time it takes to get them anywhere else. Materials and designs can be customized according to your preferences. Colors and finishes are available for you to choose from. Choosing our custom kitchen cabinets will transform your kitchen and provide you with a unique look and style that complements you and your home.
PTkitchens - we make custom kitchen cabinets in Palm Harbor!

Do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team for more information about the pricing and design options available for Cabinet Makeover in Palm Harbor, or beyond. In addition to building kitchens and bathrooms, we also remodel outdoor kitchens, home offices, laundry rooms, and wardrobes. During a free, no-obligation consultation, we can discuss your options based on your budget and kitchen space. Get your dream kitchen today! You can reach us at (727) 771-7173.